Our Bardal Factors tool draws from a database that includes these cases

(213 rulings as of Sept 27, 2016)

Adjemian v. Brook Crompton North America (2008)O.J. No. 2238 (Ont. Sup Ct.), affirmed by 2008 ONCA 882****Retail / clerical / administrative****16*Months notice

Anderson v. Tecsult Eduplus Inc., 179 N.S.R. (2d) 284****Middle management****6*Months notice

Annand v. Peter M. Cox Enterprises Ltd. Et al., 111 N.S.R. (2d) 196****technical****1*Months notice

Ashman v. Orphans’ Home and Widows’ Friend Society, [1993] O.J. No. 103****Professional****24*Months notice

Babcock v. C. & R. Weickert Enterprises Ltd., 126 N.S.R. (2d) 170****Upper management****5*Months notice

Barakett v. Levesque Beaubien Geoffrion Inc., 192 N.S.R. (2d) 114; 2001 NSSC 40****Professional****17*Months notice

Barakett v. Levesque Beaubien Geoffrion Inc., 198 N.S.R. (2d); 2001 NSCA 157 ****Professional****17*Months notice

Barton v. Rona Ontario Inc., 2012 ONSC 309****First tier manager or supervisor****10*Months notice

Bell v. Izaak Walton Killam Hospital for Children, 74 N.S.R. (2d) 309****Middle management****24*Months notice

Bellini v. Ausenco Engineering Alberta Inc., 2016 NSSC 237****Professional****6*Months notice

Ben David v. Congregation B'nai Israel, [1999] O.J. No. 1238 (Ont. Gen. Div.)****other****30*Months notice

Bent v. Atlantic Shopping Centres Ltd.,258 N.S.R. (2d); 2007 NSSC 231****Middle management****10*Months notice

Bhavsar v Canadian Natural Resources, 2016 ABQB 471****technical****5*Months notice

Bhavsar v Canadian Natural Resources, 2016 ABQB 471****technical****5*Months notice

Bienvenu v. Zellers Inc., 1984 CanLII 66 (NS SC), 64 N.S.R. (2d) 242****First tier manager or supervisor****8*Months notice

Birch v. Grinnell Fire Protection, [1998] 80 A.C.W.S. (3d) 1190 (B.C.S.C.)****First tier manager or supervisor****20*Months notice

Blackburn v. Victory Credit Union Ltd., 160 N.S.R. (2d) 167****Upper management****24*Months notice

Blackburn v. Victory Credit Union Ltd., 165 N.S.R. (2d) 1****Upper management****24*Months notice

Braiden v. La-Z-Boy Canada Ltd., [2006] A.C.W.S. (3d) 824 (Ont. Sup. Ct.)****Sales****20*Months notice

Brake v PJ-M2R Restaurant Inc., 2016 ONSC 1795****Middle management****20*Months notice

Bramble v. Medis Health & Pharmaceutical Services Inc. 1999 CanLII 13124 (NB CA), [1999] N.B.J. No. 307 (NBCA)****unskilled labour****13*Months notice

Brien v. Niagara Motors Ltd., (2008) 168 A.C.W.S. (3d) 1000 (Ont. Sup. Ct.)****First tier manager or supervisor****24*Months notice

Brown v. Manufacturers Life Insurance Co., 111 N.S.R. (2d) 204****Sales****12*Months notice

Bureau v. KPMG Quality Registrar Inc. et al., 177 N.S.R. (2d) 133****technical****5*Months notice

Bureau v. KPMG Quality Registrar Inc. et al.,171 N.S.R. (2d) 360****technical****5*Months notice

Burns v. Sobeys Group Inc., 260 N.S.R. (2d); 2007 NSSC 363****First tier manager or supervisor****16*Months notice

Burry v. Unitel Communications Inc. (1997), 1997 CanLII 4088 (BC CA), 46 B.C.L.R. (3d) 349 (C.A.), varying (1996), 1996 CanLII 1450 (BC SC), 21 C.C.E.L. (2d) 36 (B.C.S.C.), additional reasons [1996] B.C.J. No. 1816 (S.C.)****Professional****20*Months notice

Campbell v Wellfund Audio-Visual Ltd (1995), 1995 CanLII 294 (BC SC), 14 CCEL (2d) 240 (BC SC)****Executive level management****6*Months notice

Cardenas v. Clock Tower Hotel Ltd., 120 N.S.R. (2d) 49****Retail / clerical / administrative****4.5*Months notice

Cassady v. Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc. 1998 CanLII 6509 (BC CA), [1999] 54 BCLR (3d) 68 (BCCA)****Sales****8*Months notice

Cathcarth v. Longines Wittnauer Watch Co., [1980] O.J. No. 654 (Ont. H.C.J.)****Executive level management****12*Months notice

Ceci v. Comdisco Canada Ltd., 1994 CanLII 2255 (BC SC) ****Sales****12*Months notice

Chambers v. Axia Netmedia Corporation,220 N.S.R. (2d) 338; 2004 NSSC 24****First tier manager or supervisor****8*Months notice

Chapman v. Zimmcor Co., 17 N.S.R. (2d) 452****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Christakos v. Chantex Fashions Inc., [1989] O.J. No. 3159 (H.C.J.)****Executive level management****10*Months notice

Clark, (1993) 138 AR 280****First tier manager or supervisor****22*Months notice

Connor v. Canada Life Assurance Co., 108 N.S.R. (2d) 361****Retail / clerical / administrative****9*Months notice

Costa v. Electra Engineering Inc., 2015 NSSM 1****technical****5.8*Months notice

Cox v. Habasit (Canada) Ltd., (1994) 50 A.C.W.S. (3d) 1042 (Ont. C.J. Gen. Div.)****unskilled labour****19*Months notice

Dalton v. Cobi Foods Inc., 139 N.S.R. (2d) 261****First tier manager or supervisor****16*Months notice

Damery v. Matchless Inc., 151 N.S.R. (2d) 321****Sales****16*Months notice

Dauphinee v. Major Foods Ltd., 56 N.S.R. (2d) 517****Upper management****15*Months notice

Davey v. Syncrude Canada Ltd. (2001), 33 C.C.E.L. (3d) 50, 2001 ABQB 652 ****First tier manager or supervisor****18*Months notice

Day v. Wal-Mart Canada Inc.,188 N.S.R. (2d); 2000 NSCA 127****First tier manager or supervisor****17*Months notice

Deagle v. Shean Co-operative Ltd. et al., 156 N.S.R. (2d) 19****other****6*Months notice

Deagle v. Shean Co-Operative Ltd., 143 N.S.R. (2d) 261****other****6*Months notice

Delano v. Atlantic Trust, 24 N.S.R. (2d) 53****First tier manager or supervisor****15*Months notice

Dhatt v. Kal Tire Ltd., 2015 BCSC 1177****skilled labour****21*Months notice

Dickson v. Royal Ottawa Hospital (1989) 23 A.C.W.S. (3d) 53****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Didrowsky v. Gem Construction Specialist Ltd., 89 N.S.R. (2d) 241****technical****6*Months notice

Dimmer v. MMV Financial Inc., [2012] O.J. No. 6066 Ont. S.C.J.)****Executive level management****12*Months notice

Ditchburn (1997) Ont****Sales****22*Months notice

Dixon v. Poly-Tech Creative Displays Inc. [2004] O.J. No. 1739****Sales****0.5*Months notice

Donoso v. Canac (2005; 03-CV-257758 CM1****First tier manager or supervisor****17.5*Months notice

Donovan v. New Brunswick Publishing, 1996 CanLII 4832 (NB CA), [1996] 184 NBR (2d) 40 (NBCA)****Middle management****28*Months notice

Drysdale v. Panasonic Canada Inc., 2015 ONSC 6878****unskilled labour****22*Months notice

Dwyer v. Avantis Inc. 2009 CarswellOnt, 2610 (Ont. S.C.J.)****Upper management****12*Months notice

Elms v. Hywel Jones Architect Ltd., [1997] B.C.J. No. 1084 (S.C.)****technical****8*Months notice

Evans v Paradigm Capital Inc., 2016 ONSC 4286****other****11*Months notice

Evans v. Complex Services Inc., 2012 ONSC 6508 ****technical****9*Months notice

Fedele v. Windsor Teachers Credit Union Ltd.(2000) O.J. No. 2755 (Ont. Sup. Ct.)****Retail / clerical / administrative****15*Months notice

Fermin v Intact Financial, 2016 ONSC 5631****technical****16*Months notice

Fernandes v Goveas, 2016 ONSC 1992****other****10*Months notice

Ferri v. Active/Burgess Mold & Design, [2004] O.J. No. 1265 (S.C.J.)****technical****7*Months notice

Fillier v. Merlin Estate, 179 NSR (2d) 127, 1999 CanLII 4030 (NS SC)****Sales****1*Months notice

Firatli v. Canac, 2008 CarswellOnt 4176 (S.C.J.)****First tier manager or supervisor****5*Months notice

Fisher v Hirtz, 2016 ONSC 4768****skilled labour****2*Months notice

Gadbois v Newcom Business Media Inc., 2016 ONSC 2310****Upper management****16*Months notice

Garner v. Bank of Nova Scotia, 2015 NSSC 122****Middle management****24*Months notice

George v. The Hardman Group Ltd., 63 N.S.R. (2d) 333****Executive level management****9*Months notice

Gibbons v BB Blanc Inc., 2016 CanLII 44181 (ON SCSM)****technical****3*Months notice

Goyer v. Castle Motor Inn Holdings Ltd., 100 N.S.R. (2d) 179****First tier manager or supervisor****6*Months notice

Goyer v. Castle Motor Inn Holdings Ltd., 96 N.S.R. (2d) 28****First tier manager or supervisor****6*Months notice

Grant v. Allstate Insurance Co. of Canada et al., 147 N.S.R. (2d) 251****Sales****14*Months notice

Griffin v. Corcoran, 175 N.S.R. (2d) 1****Retail / clerical / administrative****7*Months notice

Gutierrez v. Kohler Ltd., 2009 CanLII 593 (ON SC), 2009 CanLII 593 (ON S.C.)****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

H.B. Nickerson & Sons Ltd. v. McKeough, 74 N.S.R. (2d) 84****Upper management****18*Months notice

Haddock v. Thrifty Foods (2003) Limited, 2011 BCSC 922****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Hall v Canadian Corporate Management Company Ltd (1984), 4 CCEL 166(Ont SC (CA))****Executive level management****6*Months notice

Hamer-Jackson v. McCall Pontiac Buick Ltd.[1998] B.C.J. No. 1868(aff’d 2000 BCCA 416 (CanLII))****Sales****13*Months notice

Hansen v. Viking Sprinkler Co., [1982] B.C.W.L.D. 1121 (C.A.)****Middle management****12*Months notice

Heinz v. CANA Construction Co., 1987 CarswellAlta 239 (QB)****Retail / clerical / administrative****12*Months notice

Hnatiuk v. R. W. Gibson Consulting Services Ltd. [2005] A.J. No 113 (Alta. Q.B.)****Sales****1*Months notice

Hoff v Lampliter Lighting Corp (1978), 93 DLR (3d) 634 (BC SC)****Executive level management****3*Months notice

Horechuk v. I.M.P. Group International Inc., 2012 NSSC 96****First tier manager or supervisor****18*Months notice

Jackson v. Gitxsan Treaty Society [2005] BCJ No. 1703 (BCSC)****skilled labour****0.5*Months notice

Jamieson v. Finning International Inc., 2009 BCSC 861 ****First tier manager or supervisor****18*Months notice

Jeffrey v. Plant Forest Products Corp. , 1990 CarswellSask 205 (QB)****Sales****10*Months notice

Jervis v. Raytheon Canada Ltd., (1990) 35 C.C.E.L. 73(Ont. S.C. – H.C.J.)****Professional****24*Months notice

Johar v Best Buy Canada, 2016 ONSC 5287****technical****11*Months notice

Johnston v. Bruce County Library Board, [1991] O.J. No. 1912 (Ct. Jus. Gen. Div.)****Executive level management****12*Months notice

Johnston v. Canada Cement Lafarge (1984), 1984 ABCA 190 (CanLII), 12 C.C.E.L. 108 (ACA)****Professional****24*Months notice

Kaiser v. Dural, 196 N.S.R. (2d) 377; 2001 NSSC 131****Sales****9*Months notice

Kaiser v. Dural, 205 N.S.R. (2d) 194; 2002 NSCA 69****Sales****9*Months notice

Kennedy v. Gescan Ltd., (1991) 41 C.C.E.L. 134 (B.C.S.C.)****Upper management****14*Months notice

Kuny v. Owens-Corning Canada Inc.,1999 ABQB 540 (CanLII), 246 AR 168****First tier manager or supervisor****22*Months notice

Kussman v. AT&T, [2000] B.C.J. No. 310 (B.C.S.C.)****Upper management****12*Months notice

Laakso v. Valspar Inc., [1990] O.J. No. 158 (Dist. Ct.), aff’d [1990] O.J. No. 3132(C.J. (Gen. Div.))****technical****9*Months notice

Lane v. Carsen Group Inc., 208 N.S.R. (2d); 2002 NSSC 218****Sales****24*Months notice

Larson v. Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. (2005), 48 C.C.E.L. (3d) 250, 2005 ABQB 238 ****Professional****18*Months notice

Law v. Truro International Inc., 164 NSR (2d) 216; 36 CCEL (2d) 302****Retail / clerical / administrative****8*Months notice

Lee v. 1554478 Ontario Inc. (2008) 172 A.C.W.S. (3d) 130 (Ont. Sup. Ct.)****Retail / clerical / administrative****15*Months notice

Lee v. Bank of Nova Scotia, [2004] O.J. No. 3505 (Ont SC)****Professional****26*Months notice

Lee v. Parking Corp. of Vancouver (1998), 1998 CanLII 3906 (BC SC), 56 B.C.L.R. (3d) 170 (S.C.)****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Legorburu v. Det Norske Veritas, 97 N.S.R. (2d) 250****Middle management****18*Months notice

Levy v. Ken-Wo Country Club, 194 N.S.R. (2d) 213; 2001 NSSC 84****skilled labour****8*Months notice

Lin v. Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, 2016 ONCA 619****technical****15*Months notice

Longshaw v. Monarch Beauty Supply Co. Ltd. 1995 CanLII 551 (BC SC), [1996] 14 BCLR (3d) 88 (BCSC)****Sales****6*Months notice

Lynch v. J.D. Mack Ltd., 65 N.S.R. (2d) 417****Professional****12*Months notice

MacDonald v. Dykeview Farms Ltd., 177 N.S.R. (2d) 310****unskilled labour****4*Months notice

MacEachern v. Nova Scotia (Attorney General), 83 N.S.R. (2d) 57****First tier manager or supervisor****10*Months notice

MacKenzie v. AMEC Environment & Infrastructure Ltd., 2014 NSSM 34****unskilled labour****2*Months notice

Mackie v. West Coast Engineering Group Ltd., 2009 BCSC 1775****First tier manager or supervisor****9*Months notice

Mackin v. Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, 95 N.S.R. (2d) 238****Upper management****10*Months notice

MacKinnon v. Acadia University, 282 N.S.R. (2d); 2009 NSSC 269****Executive level management****16*Months notice

MacLean v. Audiovox Corp. (1994), 1994 CanLII 2090 (BC CA), 99 B.C.L.R. (2d) 383 (C.A.)****other****20*Months notice

Mahesuram v. Canac, 2009 CanLII 1369 (ON SC), 2009 CanLII 1369 (ON S.C.)****First tier manager or supervisor****18*Months notice

Makhija v. Lakefield Research, [1983] O.J. No. 1290 Ont.  H.C.J.); aff’d by Ont. S.C.O. (C.A.), [1986] O.J. No. 5950]****Professional****15*Months notice

Marshall v. Newman, Oliver & McCarten Insurance Brokers Ltd. (2004) 2004 CanLII 15915 (ON CA),181 O.A.C. 150****Retail / clerical / administrative****10.25*Months notice

Martin v International Maple Leaf Springs Water Corp (1998), 1998 CanLII 6739 (BC SC), 38 CCEL (2d) 128 (BC SC)****Middle management****11*Months notice

McDonald v LAC Minerals Ltd, 1987 CarswellOnt 2333 (Ont SC (H Ct J))****Upper management****9*Months notice

McDonald v. GBC Canada Inc., 2004 BCSC 1029****Sales****7*Months notice

McFadden v. Brockville Carriers Inc., [1998] N.B.J. No. 250 (N.B.Q.B.)****Executive level management****15*Months notice

McKeough v. H.B. Nickerson & Sons Ltd. Et al., 71 N.S.R. (2d) 134****Upper management****18*Months notice

McLeod v. ABM Systems Ltd. (1994), 1994 CanLII 8654 (NB QB),144 N.B.R. (2d) 121 (TD)****Middle management****7*Months notice

Merritt v Tigercat Industries, 2016 ONSC 1214****unskilled labour****10*Months notice

Miller v Goldfan Holdings Ltd (1992), 44 CCEL 224 (Ont Ct J (Gen Div))****Executive level management****4*Months notice

Miller v. Fetterly & Associates Inc., 177 N.S.R. (2d) 44****Sales****17*Months notice

Miller v. IOC Canada Inc., 2005 ABQB 226****First tier manager or supervisor****22*Months notice

Mitchell et al. v. Lorell Furs Inc. et al., 108 N.S.R. (2d) 425****Sales****4*Months notice

Mitchell et al. v. Lorell Furs Inc. et al., 108 N.S.R. (2d) 425****Sales****18*Months notice

Moldovanyi v. Canac, 2009 CanLII 7094 (ON SC), 2009 CanLII 7094 (ON S.C.)****skilled labour****14*Months notice

Monk v. Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., 150 N.S.R. (2d) 192****First tier manager or supervisor****18*Months notice

Moody v. Telus Communications Inc., 2003 BCSC 471 ****Middle management****24*Months notice

Mosher v. Twin Cities Co-operative Dairy Ltd., 63 N.S.R. (2d) 252****Executive level management****12*Months notice

Mourant v. Amherst (Town), 177 N.S.R. (2d) 75****Executive level management****9*Months notice

Munoz v. Canac, 2008 CarswellOnt 7058****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Murphy v. Optipress Inc., 271 N.S.R. (2d) 100; 2008 NSSC 75****Executive level management****16*Months notice

Musgrave v. Levesque Securities Inc., 2000 CanLII 3312, 183 N.S.R. (2d) 349****Professional****16*Months notice

Nardocchio v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 41 N.S.R. (2d) 26****Retail / clerical / administrative****12*Months notice

Navarro v. Canac (2008; 07-CV-339514 SR)****First tier manager or supervisor****15*Months notice

Nielsen v Sheridan Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd., 2016 ONSC 1843****other****4.5*Months notice

Novakowski v Canadian Linen & Uniform Service Co., 2015 ABQB 53****Upper management****19*Months notice

O’Neil v. Brothers Potteries Ltd. [2003] O.J. No. 3142****Sales****4*Months notice

Orlando v. Essroc Canada Inc. (1995), 17 C.C.E.L. (2d) 19at para.18****Professional****15*Months notice

Paravan v. Wellington Insurance Co., (1993) 44 A.C.W.S. (3d) 282 (B.C.S.C.)****other****16*Months notice

Parks v. Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired, 102 N.S.R. (2d) 330****other****15*Months notice

Parks v. Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, 109 N.S.R. (2d) 113****other****15*Months notice

Parks v. H.H. Marshall Ltd., 1984 CanLII 62 (NS SC), 62 N.S.R. (2d) 172****Retail / clerical / administrative****4*Months notice

Pecoskie v. Holloway Lodging Corporation, 2015 NSSM 16****Professional****4*Months notice

Peddle v. Rowan Companies Inc. et al., 123 N.S.R. (2d) 409****skilled labour****4*Months notice

Peet v. Babcock & Wilcox Industries Ltd. (2001), 2001 CanLII 24077 (ON CA), 53 O.R. (3d) 321 (C.A.****Professional****18*Months notice

Phillips v. Hilinex Packaging Inc. (1994), 1994 CanLII 1767 (BC SC)****Sales****3.5*Months notice

Plotogea v. Hearland Appliances Inc. (2007), 2007 CanLII 26615 (ON SC), 60 C.C.E.L. (3d) 216 (Ont. S.C.J.) at para. 61****Professional****9*Months notice

Pulak v. Algoma Publishers Ltd., 1995 CanLII 7277 (ONSC)****skilled labour****6*Months notice

Radwan v. Arteif Furniture Manufacturing, 2002 ABQB 742****unskilled labour****20*Months notice

Richards v. 559878 Saskatchewan Ltd., 2007 SKQB 186****Upper management****15*Months notice

Rickards Estate v. Dielbold Election Systems Inc., 2004 BCSC 1357****Middle management****21*Months notice

Rodgers v. Sun Radio Ltd., 109 NSR (2d) 415; 38 CCEL 298; 1991 CanLII 4262 (NS SC)****other****3*Months notice

Rodrigues v. Shendon Enterprises Ltd., 2010 BCSC 941****First tier manager or supervisor****16*Months notice

Rummery v. Matthews, 2001 MBCA 32 (CanLII), [2001] M.J. No. 78 (Man. C.A.)]****Upper management****18*Months notice

Saalfeld v. Absolute Software Corporation 2009 BCCA 18****other****5*Months notice

Sambles v. Fundy Brewer Ltd. (1992), 1992 CanLII 6823 (NB QB),127 N.B.R. (2d) 152 (TD)****Sales****6*Months notice

Saulnier v. Stitch It Canada’s Tailor Inc. (2008), 2008 NBQB 269 ****skilled labour****6*Months notice

Schamborzki v. North Shore Health Region, [2000] B.C.J. No. 2148 (B.C.S.C.)]****Executive level management****18*Months notice

Scruton v. MacCosham Service Company Ltd., 144 N.S.R. (2d) 370****Middle management****7*Months notice

Sherman v. Sarsfield Foods Ltd., 107 N.S.R. (2d) 141****technical****1*Months notice

Sherrard v. Moncton Chrysler Dodge (1980) Ltd. (1990), 1990 CanLII 2610 (NB CA), 113 N.B.R. (2d) 355 (CA)****other****6*Months notice

Shuya v. Azon Canada Inc., 1995 CanLll 9084 (ABQB)****First tier manager or supervisor****14*Months notice

Silvester v. Lloyd's Register North America Inc.,213 N.S.R. (2d) 374; 2003 NSSC 84****technical****24*Months notice

Silvester v. Lloyd's Register of North America, Inc.,221 N.S.R. (2d) 230; 2004 NSCA 17****technical****24*Months notice

Smith v. Centra Windows Ltd., 2009 BCSC 606****Sales****13*Months notice

Smith v. Pacific National Exhibition (1991), 1991 CanLII 2366 (BC SC), 34 C.C.E.L. 64 (B.C.S.C.):****Upper management****22*Months notice

Somir v. Canac Kitchen (2006), 2006 CanLII 42369 (ON SC), 56 C.C.E.L. (3d) 234 (S.C.J.)****First tier manager or supervisor****16*Months notice

Squires v. Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Inc., 104 NSR (2d) 124****Middle management****12*Months notice

Squires v. Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. (1999), 1999 CanLII 18967 (NL SCTD), 175 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 202 (Nfld. C.A.)****Professional****24*Months notice

Steinicke v. Manning Press Ltd. (1984), 1984 CanLII 787 (BC CA), 4 C.C.E.L. 294 (B.C.C.A.)****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

Stephanie Ozorio v Canadian Hearing Society, 2016 ONSC 5440****Upper management****24*Months notice

Stephenson v. Hilti (Canada) Ltd., 63 D.L.R. (4th) 573; 93 N.S.R. (2d) 366****Sales****11*Months notice

Stolze v. Delcan Corp. (1998), 40 C.C.E.L. (2d) 70 (Ont. Ct. (Gen. Div.))  ****Professional****24*Months notice

Strizzi v. CurzonsManagment Associates Inc., 2011 ONSC 4292****Upper management****7*Months notice

Strudwick v. Applied Consumer & Clinical Evaluations Inc., 2016 ONCA 520****Retail / clerical / administrative****20*Months notice

Stump v. Morris Industries Ltd. (1993), 1993 CanLII 8908 (SK QB), 110 Sask R. 161 (Q.B.)****technical****18*Months notice

Summerfield v Staples Canada Inc., 2016 ONSC 3656****Sales****6*Months notice

Sweeting v Mok, 2015 ONSC 4154****other****24*Months notice

Swinamer v. Unitel Communications Inc., 147 N.S.R. (2d) 249****technical****16*Months notice

Taner v Great Canadian Gaming Corp, 2008 BCSC 129 (CanLII), 63 CCEL (3d) 36****Upper management****11*Months notice

Tannahill v. North Battleford (City) (1989) 13 A.C.W.S. (3d) 359****Retail / clerical / administrative****12*Months notice

Tanton v. Crane Canada Inc., 2000 ABQB 837****Retail / clerical / administrative****24*Months notice

Taweel v. T.R.A. Foods Ltd., (1990) 32 C.C.E.L. (P.E.I.S.C. (T.D.))****Middle management****12*Months notice

Taylor v. Bank of Nova Scotia (1998) 37 C.C.E.L. (2d) 145****technical****12*Months notice

Taylor v. CBHN Information Systems Ltd., [1996] 67 A.C.W.S. (3d) 296 (B.C.S.C.)****Sales****20*Months notice

Tibert v Alpine Auto Glass – Dartmouth, 2015 NSLB 17****unskilled labour****8*Months notice

Toole v. Acres Inc., 2007] O.J. No. 1337(Ont. S.C.J.)****Executive level management****12*Months notice

Townsend v. North American Industrial Inc., [2008] O.J. No. 5193 (S.C.J.)****technical****6*Months notice

Tracy v. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (1998), 2 W.W.R. 757 (Man. Q.B.) at para. 56****Professional****15*Months notice

Tsakiris v. Deloitte & Touche LLP, 2013 ONSC 4207****Upper management****10*Months notice

Venier v. Northern Telecom Ltd., [1999] B.C.J. No. 68 (S.C.)****technical****14*Months notice

Wallin v. A.R. Hemming Building Systems Ltd., 41 N.S.R. (2d) 323****Sales****6*Months notice

Wallin v. A.R. Hemming Building Systems Ltd., 45 N.S.R. (2d) 48****Sales****6*Months notice

Walsh v. UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc., 2003 NBCA 32 (CanLII), [2003] N.B.J. No. 166 (NBCA)****First tier manager or supervisor****28*Months notice

Weselan v. Totten Sims Hubicki Associates, 2003 CanLII 49300 (ON SC)****Professional****24*Months notice

White v. BC Timber Ltd., [1983] B.C.J. No. 1226 (S.C.)****technical****7*Months notice

Widmeyer v. Municipal Enterprises Ltd., 103 N.S.R. (2d) 336****Upper management****15*Months notice

Wilkinson, (1992) 130 AR 55 aff’d – (1992), 135 AR 217****Retail / clerical / administrative****18*Months notice

Williams v. Heinz, 2001 BCSC 666 ****Sales****16*Months notice

Wilmot v. Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.,253 N.S.R. (2d) 376; 2007 NSCA 49****Retail / clerical / administrative****10*Months notice

Wilmot v. Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.,253 N.S.R. (2d); 2006 NSSC 299 ****Retail / clerical / administrative****10*Months notice

Winfield v Pattison Sign Group, 2013 ABQB 595****Sales****18*Months notice

Wolfe (Summary Judgment) (2006) Sask****skilled labour****12*Months notice

Wuorinen v. Workers’ Compensation Board (1983), 1 C.C.E.L. 29 (B.C.S.C.)****First tier manager or supervisor****12*Months notice

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